Dexalot: Red Bull Soapbox

Fastest Axolotl in the Metaverse

With less than a 90-day lead time, SOBOL led the production of a hand-crafted soap box vehicle – equipped with disc brakes, front-wheel suspension, and ATV slicks. SOBOL facilitated all delivery and management of the vehicle, brought out Dexalot mascot Dextr, designed and manufactured custom merchandise for the event, and captured lead-up and on-site content.

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Find fun, low-risk and high-reward moments for the Dexalot brand to engage around, while leaving behind tangible output with room for future utilization.


A high-quality, built-to-win soapbox car, inspired by Avalanche’s Formula E car, that could hit the track at the infamous Red Bull Soap Box Race in Des Moines, IA.


SOBOL utilized west coast production partners at Hoop Dream Studio to lead vehicle design and fabrication.


SOBOL designed and produced a variety of exclusive, event-specific merchandise as well as custom production items – such as a trophy and racing helmet – to
give it that extra touch.

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Dexalot made a splash with a non-traditional audience, creating one of the most technical, race-inspired vehicles out of nearly 50 hand-manufactured vehicles on raceday. The vehicle can be utilized for future pop- ups and consumer engagement events.


Social media assets posted on Dexalot’s owned channels generated the strongest results over any content campaign to date, generating over 15,000 impressions. On-site attendance and live event coverage on Twitch culminates to over 20,000 impressions for the brand.

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Services provided

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